The Around the Bend Players

The Around the Bend Players are an active theater collective, currently, specializing in recorded sketch comedy, satirizing the Central Oregon lifestyle and beyond.

The Around the Bend Players formed to provide sketches for live KPOV (88.9 FM) fundraising events. After the warm reception, the players branched out into live recreations of old-time radio scripts at the Old Stone Church, offering such favorites Pat Novak, My Friend Irma and Gunsmoke.

Now the players are directing their energies toward writing and producing sketches, offering a humorous take on all things Central Oregon–growlers, triathlons, dogs, Subarus, coffee and more. The Around the Bend Players do not limit their perspective to the¬†High Desert–their satire branches out into everyday foibles around the world.

Bob Woodward and Mike Ficher compose the sketches, That Jack Elliott produces–more than 150 so far–and a range of talented Central Oregon theater and media performers including Stephanie Senner, Judi Van Howelling, Brad Thompson, Thomas Tsuneta and Diane Turnbull bring the characters, relationships and situations to life.

The sketches are heard Tuesdays and Thursdays on KPOV 88.9 FM during the 9 am edition of The Point.

You may also enjoy The Around the Bend Players sketches on SoundCloud and TuneIn radio.

Beer Boot Camp

Bent Tourismo

Elvis Food Cart