Mike has appeared in television commercials, on stage, in murder mysteries, in short films and as a voiceover in Central Oregon and beyond.

Stage credits include:

  • Black Comedy (Cascades Theater): Schuppanzig. German electrician.
  • 12 Angry Jurors (Cascades Theater): Guard
  • School for Scandal (Cascades Theater): Crabtree. An eccentric foppish English dandy.
  • Couple Dating (2nd Street Theater): An active swinger.
  • Voices in the Dark (Cascades Theater): New York radio producer.
  • Crazy About Me (2nd Street Theater): Four roles: hustler, Jewish Dad, milkman, encyclopedia saleman.

For Buckboard Murder Mysteries, Mike has performed in 16 on-site murder mysteries playing:

  • Mafioso Murders: The Godfather
  • Eat, Drink and Be Deadly: Pierre Pinot Noir – esteemed but arrogant Burgoyne winemaker; Sawyer Sauvignon – aspiring winemaker who, alas, is a drunk
  • Lights, Camera, Murder!: George Gorgeous – sweet, adorable boy next door
  • Who Shot the Sheriff: Old Ben – friendly but wily gold miner

On the screen, Mike has appeared in:

A quintessential character actor, Mike enjoys the opportunity to bring varying roles to life!